As of 10/10/2021

  • Gyms are open in DC, Maryland and Virginia with capacity limits. Check online at your local gym’s website.

Try creative alternatives to fitness routines! The alternatives include body weight exercises, using household items as weights, yoga, and dancing to name a few.

  • If it is safe and feasible, exercising outdoors (walking, hiking, biking) while maintaining 6ft of distance from others is a great way to keep moving
  • Many gyms and exercise studios, including locally owned gyms in the DC area, are offering free online workouts that anyone can access. You do not need workout equipment to complete these exercises. 

Here are some online recommendations:

  • Many Youtube channels provide quality free content 
    • BodyFit by Amy has a series of workouts ranging from 5-45 minutes and has multiple categories including kettlebell, bodyweight, and dumbbells.

Try something new and support a small business!

  • Dance Place
    • A community Dance Hub in Northeast DC that offers virtual dance classes for adults and children
    • Styles include: modern dance, African dance, hip-hop dance, creative movement, tumbling, tap dance, ballet, and other dance forms
  • Capoeira DC
    • A black-owned academy for practicing Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian dance/martial-art
    • Offers in-person classes
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