As of 2/2021

  • Grocery Shopping Safety:
    • Limit your trips to the grocery store by taking advantage of online grocery shopping services or outdoor farmers markets. However, if you do go, make sure to use disinfecting wipes on shopping carts, maintain a safe distance between yourself and other shoppers, avoid touching your face and unnecessary items in the grocery, and wear a mask or double mask if possible. Lastly, be sure to wash your hands with warm soap and water for a full 20 seconds before AND after you shop! 
    • Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that handling food/groceries is associated with COVID-19. The risk of getting sick from COVID-19 from eating or handling food is considered by the CDC to be very low.
Safe Grocery Shopping and Food Handling Tips
  • There are many outdoor Farmers Markets across the DC area that allow for a safer, COVID-friendly grocery shopping experience while also contributing to local small businesses.
    • A list of open Farmers Markets run by the non-profit FRESHFARM can be found here and you can learn more about their COVID-19 safety measures here.
  • Host virtual cooking parties:
    1.  Share a recipe with your friends prior to the virtual cooking party
    2. Buy the ingredients and make sure your friends do too
    3. Meet on Zoom or another video chat application and chat while you follow the recipe steps.
    4. Compare dishes and cooking strategies
    5. Enjoy the yummy food that you cooked with friends!

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