As of 9/2021

  • Particularly during a pandemic, it is important to stay both physically and mentally healthy. If you are feeling stress, anxiety, or depression, talk to your healthcare provider and refer to the CDC’s recommendations about coping strategies for anxiety and depression during and after pregnancy. There are many resources available to you, for example, The Doula DC has many pregnancy and postpartum resources in the DMV area. 
  • Giving birth as a Woman of Color and/or Black woman comes with a unique set of stresses, especially since this virus is striking these communities disproportionately across the country. The Black Women’s Health Initiative is a helpful resource if you are struggling during this time and would like more guidance. This website can help with healthcare coverage, self-advocacy, self-care, and general pandemic lifestyle tips. There is also a blog post specifically about delivery in times of COVID-19.
  • As a Woman of Color, or Black woman specifically, it is imperative to advocate for yourself. This is challenging and sometimes impossible in general, let alone while pregnant and during a pandemic. This website is a resource guide that has been put together by Doulas of Capitol Hill to help all pregnant women, but specifically Black pregnant women, navigate this difficult time. It includes books, birthing centers, advocacy, mental health support, support groups, and much more. They offer many services, and you can contact them at 202-854-9899.
  • Additionally, postpartum (and peripartum) depression and anxiety are very common, and no one should go through it alone. Tell your support system, and most importantly, a trusted provider, if you need help. Click here to find community resources for perinatal mental health support groups, counseling, and more in the DMV area.
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